National Alert Registry:

The prospect of a sexual predator moving into the neighborhood is every parent's worst nightmare. But, young people aren't the only ones put in danger by the arrival of a previoulsy convicted sexual outlaw. Sexual predators put EVERYONE at risk. Not only children, but adults, teenagers, and even the very vulnerable elderly.

With these facts in mind, we at PeopleSearchDirectory.Com - as part of our continuing effort to create a website that is of the utmost value to parents with children - would like to introduce you to the National Alert Registry. A unique service that is literally the first, and the only service of it's kind.

The National Alert Registry:

Did you know that there are over 300,000 registered sexual offenders in the U.S.A. That is an astonishing number!

Also, over 60% of sexual offenders are convicted again while under the supervision of the court. This illustrates the very real danger of this particular type of criminal.

That is why the National Alert Registry was created so that any responsible adult can determine if a previously convicted sexual predator has moved into his/her community. A fact any concerned parent would want to know!

Here is how the National Alert Registy works:

You've probably already heard of "Megan's Law." This law was precedent setting, because since Oct. 31, 1994, sexual offenders who are no longer in custody, must register with the local police department whenever they move into a new community.

This is a tremendous help in that "the police" know when a sexual predator is on their turf. Unfortunately for parents and other concerned adults this vital information may not be readily available. Although it is the legal right of the members of the community - because of "Megan's Law" - to know the names and addresses of the sexual predators that reside in their neighborhood.

The difficulty is in accessing the information. This is where the National Alert Registry comes in. Because of our unique and powerful database, our unique service allows ANYONE to conduct a simple zip code search to determine if a sexual predator is in their community!

Now you see the value of the National Alert Registry. To join all that's required is your email address. The registry is continually updated, and as a member you will be notified automatically when new information becomes available.

You don't have to do anything!


In this brief article we've only scratched the surface of what is available when you join the National Alert Registry. You will have access to maps, photographs, street addresses, conviction information, and offense dates and details.

This kind of information is priceless for the concerned parent. And remember, with the National Alert Registry you will have ready access to these details about the sexual predator/s who are in your community.

We invite you to perform a quick ZIP CODE search right now. Or hurry to our main site for more important information about the exciting new National Alert Registry.