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There are many free public databases that offer a Free People Search Directory to assist in finding people.  But only a handful are considered to be useful.  Many public directories deal with business.  And even though business information can be helpful in conducting people searches, it should not be the main source of information.  People search directory is the first choice when trying to find people.

How to conduct a free international people search with free people search directory

Free People Search DirectoryOne of the most premiere websites for finding people international is international people search.  It provides useful information on how to conduct a free people search around the world.  With its international phone book directory, free online search, and access to free dex white pages.

Its article provides steps on how to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) and international google search engine to eliminate virtual fences set by search engines and the government.    Using Virtual Private Network to tunnel into a country trick the search engine into believing the search is coming from within the counties.  Thereby providing additional information not regularly open if the search comes from outside the countries.

Using white pages to find people in the United States of America

One of the best public directories is the white pages.  Which offers people’s first and last name, land phone number, and address.  Even though the pages provide much useful information it is limited.  For example, it only gives the name, phone number and address of one person in the house.  It’s usually the resident who pays the bills.

But with Dex White Pages, people can use it to find anyone in the United States and Canada for a small fee.  Consider how much time money one would spend going to public buildings to access the information.  The sum would be far greater than simply paying a small fee to access the white pages.

How to find Free People Search Directory

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