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White page directory offers information to locate open free people search directory for conducting free people search.  Its online public directory provides access to easily search for people’s information.  Simply search for a person first and and last name and press enter on the keyboard or hit the search bottom.


What is the white pages phone book?

White Page DirectoryThe traditional paper phone book, that was delivered to every house, was divided into two sections.  The first section was Yellow pages.  It was the most important part of the phone book for the Phone Book Company because it’s where the company made their income in advertisement and fees.  At the time it was the only public directory.  A place where businesses can get listed for a small fee.  The size of the listing depends on the amount paid.  There were pages solely dedicated to advertisements.   The front page was prime real estate.   Businesses paid a premium to get their ad on the front page. Which exposed their advertisement to millions of users.

But the part people use the most was not the Yellow Pages.  It was the white page.  Because it provided more useful information.  Most of the search was for people’s phone numbers or addresses.  It was not like today where one could just use free beenverified.  At a time in order to find the phone number one had to look up the last name.  And usually, each house only had one phone number.  And because of this, there was a single name and address for a household.  Which could have many people living in it.  So if one has a big family or many roommates it had it extremely difficult to find the correct information.  It was common to call several different numbers before one will find the correct information.