Search Dex

Search Dex’s free online website assists people in finding names, phone numbers, and addresses.  Dex white pages offer free access to the United States and Canada public directory.  Simply go to dex white pages a search for the person.  Its article will help people find the person they are looking for. Its white page directory offers consumers valuable information.

What is Dex Phone Book?

Dex phone book is the original public directory.  It is a paper book with both business and personal information.   Phone companies don’t like to use clients’ data.  Makes consumers feel paranoid.  But like with many big businesses, they always jump Search Dexat a chance to make a profit. Instead of creating their phonebook, they simply resold the used data to Dex Public Directory companies.  The data is divided into three parts, first, middle and last name, addresses or location, and the landline phone number.  During this period people did not have cell phones.  And most houses only have one phone.  Which makes it hard to find people.  Because they only list under one person per household.

Search Dex phone book for phone numbers!

Searching Dex use to be simple.  Every house in America use to have Dex phone book.   It use to be hard to use.  Simply searching for the person’s name did not always result in success.  Because people have to search by the household name.  This use to be the person paying the phone bill.

Even though it was not easy to search for people’s personal information. It was the best option for its time.  But most people use dex yellow pages more often than the white pages.  Because the yellow pages section offers business information.  People were more likely to search for a business address and phone number rather than a person’s phone number.

Dex online public directory still offers useful information.  Even though phone numbers are hard search, people can still search for home addresses.  Because of this, Dex search is still relevant in the US and Canada.