Yellow Page Directory

Business Yellow Page Directory was part of Dex Phone Book.  It was a paper book delivered to every house in the United States at one time. The businesses could list their business information and have it accessible to the general public.  But with the development of the internet, it became out-of-date.

Yellow Page DirectoryWhat happened to Yellow Page Directory?

With the development of the internet it decentralizing information, the yellow page book became extinct. It used to offer free international background check and white page directory to every household.  In the past in order to be listed in the phonebook people had to pay a fee.  Depending on the size of the advertisement, the fee can be extremely high.  Yellow pages at the beginning had a monopoly.  There was no other competition around.

But like all big companies, the public directory book companies didn’t see the coming danger with the internet.  The development was personal websites was the first assault of the yellow page book.  Businesses could put up their own website and post their contact information.   Without having to go through the yellow pages.

But the biggest blow to the business public directory book was the internet search engine.  Which allowed people to search for anything on the internet without having to use the yellow page.  It basically indexed all the business and personal websites on the world wide web.

Google Maps supersede Yellow Book

One of the biggest advantages of google maps is it gives information about locations.  Whether it’s home, business, street, or parks, google maps will give the general direction to the place.   But allows users to register their business to google maps.  And allow them the manage the information, contact information, hours of operation, phone number, street addresses, and links to the businesses’ websites.    And unlike the yellow page directory book, google didn’t charge a fee.  Because Google is in the business of content.  The more content they index more valuable the company.  That’s not to say it says google doesn’t charge people to advertise their business.  But rather it connects people to business for free thereby put to rest the yellow page phone book