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Whowhere white pages find people anywhere in the world!  Access millions of public and private online directory databases.  With the invention of the internet search for people has never been easier.  Lookup phone numbers, email addresses, private addresses, street addresses, and social media accounts all at t touch of a mouse.  People can search from the comfort of their homes using Dex Online White Pages.

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Finding people use to be very difficult.  Back in 2000 on a backpacking trip across India. I realize how difficult it was to find anything.  People take for granted the simplest things in the United States or any developed country.  Back then, in undeveloped countries, most people never traveled 50 miles from their homes.  Outside of the main city in the rural areas, the streets had few signs.  The ones that did, were officially recognized by the government.  People independently post names on the street.  Some people even took down street signs and posted their own signs.

For the locals who never travel outside their towns, it was not a major issue.  But visitors and travels it made it extremely difficult.  Finding people’s homes and businesses was a job.  A handful of tourists resorted to hiring locals as their guides.  Becuase there were no local white pages or any other form of white page directory.  Because of this, it was hard for foreigners to find anything.

More people search with their mobile devices.

In order for foreigners to get a sim card for their phone in India, they have to give a copy of their passport.  It is extremely restrictive.  But these policies were implemented after the Mumbai bombing.  But when you travel to remote towns.  Where people are living in mud housing.  And finding people would be impossible.  People still have cell phones.  Even though they couldn’t afford the internet.  Social media companies like Facebook work with local cell phone providers to offer people free access to Facebook.